Web site protection

IXI DoS/DDoS protection service is a SaaS service to protect your Website from web attacks and DDOS attacks with power of millions of packets per second. We provide the bese anti-DDoS solution for Web servers, no matter in which datacenter they are located.

How IXI protects from DDoS attacks

Our IXI DDOS firewall inspect all the packets passing through the network. If some malicious activity appears DDOS firewall immediately blocks malicious crafted packets and zombie ip addresses. All kinds of DoS / DDoS attacks are mitigated into our firewalls and only the good trafic is allowed to pass to your server.

Subscribing to our service is quite simply. Just fill in the form and our technical support team gets in touch with you very soon.

How IXI protects from Web attacks

We have Web Application Firewall for your server. Each request will be inspected against many rules. If some malicious activity appears the packet is blocked. The most active attackers are banned by their ip addresses.

Why to choose IXI DDoS Protection?

  • Wirespeed packet filtering against different kinds of TCP/UDP floods up to 14 Mpps
  • HTTP-requests filtering by Web Application Firewall
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) included
  • Connection optimization, automatical traffic compression
  • 24×7, 365 a year protection from all known DoS / DDoS attacks
  • OWASP mod_security rules
  • Custom rules for web Application Firewall
  • Free trial period
  • Free monitoring of your servers 24×7×365
  • Expert support during attacks

Features & Prices

Тариф The band DDOS Gbit/sec Client band Mbit/sec Fee for 5Mbit/sec (over limit) License fee
Initial XS 1 (1.4 Mpps) 1 $100 $100
InitialS 2 (2.8 Mpps) 10 $85 $250
Stable M 2 (2.8 Mpps) 100 $25 $470
Stable L unlimited 200 $15 $1750
Business XL unlimited 500 $10 $2750
Business XXL unlimited 1000 $7 $4350
Corporate XXXL unlimited unlimited 0 individually

Touristic website under attack!

During tourist season the site of a travel agency was attacked by malicious hackers. Attackers took down website and the company lost their customers. IT staff of the company tried to mitigate the attack but weren't successful. The direct losses grew up to $ 100 000.
IXI operative team investigated the case and found out that the site had been put down with randomized GET / POST HTTP requests. The traffic was then redirected through scrubbing center and Web Application Firewall. Five minutes after signing up website went online and the company continued their normal operation.

Our customers are corporations as well as representatives of small and medium business.