• 14 Mpps filtering
  • Up to 10 Gbps DDoS protection
  • Unlimited firewall rules
  • Pricing starting at €299.00/mo
  • DDoS protection powered by IXI
  • Instant Setup
  • Scrubbing engine for GAME servers
  • IXI security operation center support

By nerds, for nerds

Just like you, we love great software products and high quality online services. We program a lot and spend much time on the designing and debugging our software to make the best DDoS protection service. IXI DDoS Protection Service is made for you.

Made for any services

IXI DDoS is made to protect any online services, whether high load news websites, game servers or a small online project with corporate email and documents. Order now and try for yourself.

Free trial period

We would like to prove the highest quality of our services and we offer a free trial period for you. Our engineers take care of all the problems and technical aspects of making your server DDOS protected.

Tier III datacenters

Tier III Datacenters housing IXI DDoS server are located in USA / Europe / Canada. Our computing power increases steadily with with new customers.

14Mpps / 10Gbit/s filtering

That's exactly the number of packets per second that can be transmitted over 10 Gbit/s channel. We have repeatedly proven our ability to effectively counter these attacks.

Advanced logging

In contrast with many other DDoS protection systems we record every IP-address in our server logs. You will always know what, when and who is trying to attack you.

24×7×365 protection

CPU usage, memory usage, hard drive usage: online monitoring of every DDoS-server allows us to respond to the attacks before the become a problem for you.

Black / white lists

Access lists give you the opportunity to fine-tune your system. To avoid any potential problems you can always adjust black and white lists as you like.

Fault tolerance

IXI DDoS is designed specifically for the aggressive environments of the Internet. Multiple backups of servers, channels, power supply systems and air-conditioning is provided so that your services are always online.

Highest quality

Built on our know-how, verified by our customers.

Ongoing protection

Continuous improvement of protection - our fundamental priority.

Open source

Based solely on the open source.

High load

Designed for agressive and extreme loads!

Our customers are corporations as well as representatives of small and medium business.